This is a WIP... and very opinionated, don't read too much into it.

I am a privacy advocate; I use applications with that in mind, as much as I possibly can. What is most baffling to me is, in the US, it is illegal to mess with mail. Yet it is ok for Google to parse your email, to me, snail mail and email are... and should be... considered equally confidential. The fines should be one and the same.

In light of issues like email, chat and cloud storage I opt to use some of the following:

Vendor My Two Cents
πŸ“§ Tutanota My main email provider, via my own domain. Super easy to use and has a decent desktop/mobile app. But... unfortunately, privacy comes at a price. I am currently paying €72 per year... including taxes πŸ˜”
πŸ“§ ProtonMail Also super easy to use and also has a decent mobile app. Though I use Tutanota as a primary email source, in my eyes ProtonMail's UI is far superior...
πŸ“§ StartMail Have been with them for years... but still no mobile app. Kind of a back burner email provider for me now. Then there is this... and they pay Google, so not really a de-Googling venture for me.
πŸ“§ Posteo Bit of an overkill email service as it based on Roundcube, affordable but this too has no mobile app. I am just letting my euro's run out at this point.
πŸ” Bitwarden I am currently using Bitwarden, but I am always leery of any cloud based product. Open source or not...
πŸ” KeePassXC A bit of a nuisance on multiple platforms, syncing sucks.
πŸ” Encryptr Was my fave... but development is dead, was one of the reasons I dropped SpiderOak One.
πŸ’¬ Signal My current default messaging app, even have the wife using it. The PIN thing was bloody obnoxious!
πŸ’¬ Keybase Love the idea of Keybase, I just don't know enough encryption minded people to use it... (sighs).
πŸ’Ύ Tresorit I use this on multiple platforms BUT... crazy expensive $125.00 a  year, 505GB of space.
πŸ’Ύ Keybase Again, love the idea of Keybase, I just don't know enough encryption minded people to use it... (continues to sigh).
πŸ’» Brave The Tor private mode is killer. I still can't help feeling like it is still Google based, and the whole BAT thing is a bit wonky, but blocks adds like no ones business.
πŸ’» Firefox I like the idea of the Monitor and Lockwise features, even though apps like these still kinda make me paranoid... Lockwise doesn't even export... yikes.
πŸ’» Tor Browser For the super paranoid... those who disable JavaScript.
πŸ’» ungoogled-chromium I'd use it more but some extensions don't install... Bitwarden comes to mind...
πŸ” DuckDuckGo I stopped using Google search years ago... I don't even !g anything. The browser extension must be good, as my companies corporate policy forces me to remove it (there is NO privacy in a corporate environment, don't let them tell you otherwise).
πŸ›‘οΈ PIA (Private Internet Access) Note Log-less VPN's are a myth:
Best bang for your buck, easy to install on Linux and Windblows... I always run with VPN killswitch engaged. I do run into multiple sites that block me now though. PIA stopped accepting blocked IP reports, so I either find another compatible site or if desperate disable the VPN.
πŸ›‘οΈ ProtonVPN Note Log-less VPN's are a myth:
Not to bad, though set up on Linux is not for the faint of heart, often fails an test... and lots of people block ProtonVPN, even some Linux repositories.
πŸ“± /e/ If only the pre-made phones were sold in the US... (twiddles thumbs... waiting). I do have an old Pixel 2 XL hanging around... I should flash it. Lots of hype... but they obviously dislike Americans, you got to be adb savvy to enjoy one of these in the US.

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