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Some details...

Conceived in Germany... born in the US... the year... 1965. Age... you do the math.

I am a privacy advocate and continually work to de-Google myself... code tinkerer... Tor patron... and a self taught full-stack developer, I have been coding/developing since the year... 2e3. My current position includes Java, Groovy, JavaScript, old AngularJS, Jest, MSSQL and MySQL, working with thousands of lines of legacy spaghettification (that they are trying to fix overnight).

Remember Classic ASP with Microsoft Access backends...? I do.
Remember framesets and using tables for layout...? Yep, me too.
Remember the whole XHTML push and fail...? That's right, me too.

My primary joys these days are God (theology), my lovely wife Patti, our dog Muffin, linux, JavaScript (ES5, ES6-isms), PHP and metal bass (the guitar not the fish), in that order... actually.

My somewhat controversial music taste... Spiritbox, Jinjer, TesseracT, Periphery, Heart Of A Coward, Infected Rain... I could go on and on, but you get the gist...

const fact = ( later === never );

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